More Than A Sneaker




Dubbed the “International House of Shoes,” Sneaker Asylum is a fashion forward brand focused on providing culture shifting footwear and apparel from around the world. In addition to offering the latest drops and heat, Sneaker Asylum is also the first retailer to carry Black-owned footwear brands. The company offers the best of both worlds — the ability to find super dope pieces you normally couldn’t find in chain stores while also providing an opportunity to support its own. If we had to describe us in one word, we would say “unprecedented.” 

Founded by a former CFO and a Corporate Attorney, Sharita and Elijah represent the archetype of a major corporation while maintaining local business ties with familial rapport as mother and son. The blending of the corporate infrastructure coupled with the desire to be an instrument of global change in their communities presents a most formidable duo. 

The idea of Sneaker Asylum, also known as “the plug” for footwear and apparel from around the world, was birthed in the midst of rampant police brutality against African Americans, a coronavirus pandemic, and the uncomfortable reality that many of us as African Americans “owned” nothing but consumed everything. We decided that the change should start with us. And then boom, Sneaker Asylum was born!

We pride ourselves on providing: (1) exceptional customer service, (2) a well-versed knowledge base on the history of our footwear and apparel, and (3) an unrivaled experience where you become part of the family while also finding something that piques your interest.

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